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Sell Nation Wide

Sell nation Wide

Sell stress free across all the corners of India.

Let your product reach millions of users with fastest delivery & free shipping.

Your shipment is our responsibility, we take care of every aspect of it.

Easy setup to sell

Easy setup to sell

4 quick steps and your product is sold!

Our easy and user-friendly interface allows you to simply upload your product list

Quote Price, and the rest we will do for you.

optimization of inventory

optimization of inventory

From product catalogue management to track orders everything at your fingertips.

We help you to manage orders-update items.

Allows you to respond your customers on the go.

No hidden charges

No hidden charges

Listing Fees - Zero

Registration Fees - Zero

Commission Charges - Zero

Secure/ faster payment

Secure/ faster payment

Safer payment gateways ensuring timely and hassle-free payments with 100% security.



Our professional services handle all your dealings:

Marketing to Selling

Doorstep Pickup-Packing-Delivery

Round the clock customer support.

5 Simple Steps to Sell on Eleczo

Add Products

Purchase Order

Order Ready to pick up

Order dispatched

Payment received

Start selling across India

Why selling at Eleczo

Eleczo offers huge customer database from industrial clients to offline trading stores giving you an opportunity to deal with specific target audience that is right for your product. Whether listing a few products or entire inventory we help you with smart cataloging. We manage your catalogue providing attractive, clean and complete product description and images leading to quick buying decisions. We partnered with logistic services to handle all your shipment burden where we take care of product delivery from the beginning till it reach the customer destination.

With us you effective management of your account with easy-to-track orders and performance are always guaranteed. As a selling partner, you have full access to our marketing, account management, and service teams to maximize your impact and convert sales.

So, what are you waiting for ❓❓ Expand your business with us, Maximize your online sales!!

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